ALL Primary Languages Conference Online ACAPULCO

Wow what a day it was! So many great sessions and so much interesting debate in the break out rooms.

My session PPT (PDF) is below – feel free to share with colleagues more widely and the recording will be emailed to those who paid to attend on the day.

I will extend my £10 (half price) offer for the Petit Prince 78 page Ks2 / Ks3 resource pack to the end of this month.

Should you be interested in Polly va en France / en Belgique / en Suisse / au Canada or au Maroc, contact me direct for how to purchase these eBooks for just £5 each direct from me:

Happy half term when it finally comes and thank you for all your lovely comments,

Suzi 🙂 x


ALL York Primary Hub MFL Show n Tell

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 13.46.43

Thanks to all who joined us, contributed and who are doing a fantastic job in lockdown!

We salute you!

Anyone keen to start or get involved in a local Primary ALL hub, please contact myself or  

Below find the 3 YouTube clips which are recordings of today’s Zoom webinar and a comprehensive list of accompanying links to the main resources and websites we shared (please let me know if I have missed any):

A list of useful links from today’s ALL York Primary Hub MFL Show n Tell:\ – Joe Dale on Twitter for training and CPD – Mondays 830-9 on Twitter – Liz Black email for any German support you might need.


Thanks to Kate Hyland-Collier for sharing her song lyrics, as promised:

Avoir Song- gap fill

Avoir Song- gap fill- filled in

Thanks to Liz Black:

Links from Liz

Thanks also to Nieves for her presentation below:

Things I found helpful for home learning


Best wishes – let’s do this again soon 🙂

Big bisous

Suzi 🙂


Top tips for trainee language teachers

Thank you for joining my webinar TOP TIPS FOR A SUCCESSFUL NQT YEAR.

The recording is just below via my YouTube channel (please subscribe) and the accompanying resources and PPT are just below:

Click on the hyperlink below for a PDF of the presentation:

S Bewell April 2020 Top tips for a successful NQT year

I hope you found it useful.  Here is the article I promised:

Top Tips for Trainee Teachers

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 08.50.32.png

And here is a link to the free Linguascope / ALL booklet which is jam packed full of ideas:


Also check out Nick Mair’s webinar recording on job applications here c/o of ALL:

It has also been brought to my attention that Language Angels are also offering free PRIMARY LANGUAGES WEBINARS – see info below and to register, contact

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 14.05.03

Please do stay in touch and if I can be of any further help as you try to navigate the next 18 months, do email me

Best wishes with the job hunting and I hope and pray that the rest of your training year goes smoothly, despite the unusual circumstances we find ourselves in.

Much love, Suzi #staysafe

PS If you scroll below past this post, there may be links to other presentations I’ve delivered and articles I’ve authored which could be of interest to you.

Monopoly – Cultural Monopoly Game in French / Spanish /German

Today as I was scroling through Twitter, I came across the following Tweet from @MrFrancisMFL via #mfltwitterati chat.

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 15.42.09

I asked if it was ok to share his work so that I could create my own version in French.

You can download the original Spanish version as a PDF here: Monopoly

or download from TES here:

My adapted French version can be downloaded as a PDF here:

French Cultural Monopoly

Thanks also to Ms Dickinson over on Facebook who has just sent me the German version: Monopoly_Deutsch

Thank you to Mr Francis for sharing his excellent work – it is at times like this that it is even more important to share our work and creative ideas for the benefit of our students.

Sending love to you all,



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Barlby IFRU French Pop Music training

French Pop Music Competition 2020

*Starter: What makes a good song?
In small groups, come up with at least 3 ideas

*What does a winning entry look / sound like?
(revisit what makes a good song)–0

Rhyming work
In small groups, can you match up the rhyming pairs?

la santé
[to eat]
la norme
[the norm]
[to sleep]
faire du sport
[to do sport]

à volanté
[as many as you like]
jouer au tennis
[to play tennis]
en forme
du pain
je suis fort
[I am strong]
[to move]
[to laugh]
[to go out]
[to dance]
tant pis!
[tough luck!]
les fruits

la nuit
Exemple: les fruits rhymes with la nuit

*Now we need to find a catchy backing track…

3 to choose from – let’s have a listen now!



Rap beat

*Final steps for today

Can we come up with a catchy chorus and / or verse?

Some ideas…

Bien manger, je suis en forme
Danser, bouger, c’est la norme

Beaucoup de légumes et de fruits, il faut bien dormir la nuit
Si tu fais beaucoup de sport, tu seras très fort!

Les légumes à volanté, c’est très bonne pour la santé
Tu n’aimes pas les fruits? C’est pas vrai! Bof! Tant pis!

**Bonne continuation et bon courage!**

LW 2020 World Class Teaching: Integrating the SDGs into languages lessons

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 15.57.36


I am very excited to be presenting at this year’s Language World conference in Manchester speaking about the exciting and ever important 17 SDGs and how we can easily incorporate these life changing themes into our language lessons.

Find below a link to my presentation which includes the contact details you will need to gain free access to the 20 free French lessons I have written in collaboration with the wonderful folk at Leeds DEC.

S Bewell LW2020 Presentation

Do get in touch if you want to know more and we are currently recruiting volunteers to help translate some / all of these lessons into Spanish and German.

Looking forward to an amazing few days of languages and learning and catching up wit friends old and new.

Bisous, Suzi x

La journée mondiale des toilettes – le 19 novembre

Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 07.56.23Here is a 2 part lesson I have created as part of the Leeds DEC work I have been doing on the 17 SDGs,

Water and clean sanitation are one of the 17 all important goals and as today is WORLD TOILET DAY, I thought it appropriate to share what I have done for use in your lessons.  Aimed at KS4/5 the lesson is clearly laid out and can be used as a stand alone lesson or you can dip in and out and just use individual parts of the lesson as you see fit.

As always feedback is welcomed!


toilettes et eau SDG v1